About Me

Hey, thanks for taking your time to read about me. You’re great. (:

I used to be very insecure and tried to lose weight loss by restricting below 500 calories. Now I’m working on being healthy.

I’m not a vegetarian (anymore).

My favorite movie is probably Food, Inc. I’m interested in nutrition, fitness, cooking, baking, and all that.

I like to rant. That’s why I made this blog in the first place. I’m going to state my opinion (aka the truth) about anything that comes to my mind. This blog doesn’t have a specific subject to focus on.

Things I enjoy:

Besides the ones named above… Tea, yoga, animals, reading (my favorite book: The End Of Overeating by David Kessler. Best book ever, if you want to learn about your food.), photography, art, music (doesn’t everyone?), exercising, coffee, being creative, watching movies, laughing, eating, ben & jerry’s ice cream, grocery shopping, shopping in general, stating my opinion on blogs, finding new recipes, the list goes on. But that’s all I can think about right now.

I’m a perfectionist, most of the time.

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