Arrogance and Introversion.

I don’t know whether this was obvious or not, but I’m a very introvert person. I’m not talkative and quite shy and I always worry, I observe people and I can look through them pretty fast, you know, I perfectly fit the criteria for being introvert. And actually, I always knew this. I’ve been this way since kindergarten and it has never really been a problem. Mostly because I always had friends who were extroverted and, like, “guided” me, if you know what I mean. I never had to do the first move.

My best friend is also introvert by the way, so our first appointment at 2 was really weird, because no one of us started the conversation. We became best friends in primary school.

Anyway, it all ended with me having just this one friend – my bestest friend – but yeah, just this one friend.
And since we’re both introverts, it is really really really hard for us to make new friends.

Not only because we’re bad at talking and worry about seeming weird to the other persons, also because most people judge us pretty quickly, unfortunately.

We both never show emotions, we always have this “pokerface” on, which gives us a really arrogant and conceited look. Furthermore, we wear quite a lot of make-up, which again makes us seem really conceited, also because we often have to re-do it in public. Besides, we don’t laugh much around new people – and if we do, it sounds fake and put on – and we barely talk (because we’re ashamed of it, since we don’t have a “life” we could talk about). In addition, we always either give people just a really short look – which most people take as offence as if we were saying “You’re not good enough for us” – or look them right into the eyes which most people (including me haha) don’t like at all. So overall, we create an impression of being arrogant and conceited bitches who thing they’re something better, also because you really cannot say that we’re ugly.

Even though we are completely different – like mentioned above, we are really shy and don’t want anyone to know how we feel, whether we like them or not, etc. because we’re afraid of rejection.

It’s awful.

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